Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Lets go back where I began
From the moon
From the stars
From the nothing

Lets go to where there's most pain
To my heart
To my soul
To the nothing

Lets go to where everything is
In cold
In the dark
In the nothing

Lets go where tears aren't afraid
From love
From hope
From nothing

Lets go to where it all ends
In the beginning
In the clouds
In the nothing

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Within the heart

Drops of mirrors
Tears that fall
Stars that shine
Repress it all

Wonderous rainbows
Howling wind
Ignorance, depression
Scar from within

Raindrops of acid
Breaking of heart
People going no where
Give pain ever so sharp

Falling quite swiftly
Off, on, and under
Seeing your eyes scream
Roaring like thunder

On and on
Pain never ends
Lightly brightened up
With hope and amends

Love and dreams
More vivid than dark
Keeps us on going
Yet keeps us apart

So let us keep dreaming
Keep hoping from start
And maybe start over
And begin from our heart

Your life

It's cold
It's lonely
It's dead
It's gone
It's hard
It's not easy

To let go

We know
We knew
We heard
We hear
We learned
We fear

Death itself

I am
I will
I can
I say
I do
I am

remembering to this day

Your smile
Your laugh
Your love
Your hope
Your courage
Your eyes

Your life
Long as your memory lives
It stays alive

Forever Forever

Forever forbidin
The feeling in heart
Forever forbidin
Me falling apart
Forever forbidin
To break under pressure
Forever forbidin
To fall upon my knees
Forever forbidin
To let go
Forever forever
To remain~unkown

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Being so young

I remember
Being so young
The world was flawless
The colors were bright
The happiness was never ending

I remember
Being so young
When things weren't sad
When you were ready
When we had seen no wrong

I remember
Being so young
Not having to worry
Not having to cry
Not having to hope

I remember
Being so young
That I had life
That I had innocence
That I had you to love forever

And here I sit
Writing of how things used to be
And how I miss those times
Of Simplicity