Saturday, November 19, 2005

~Hope for the sad man

Can be misguided
Is for the lucky few
I have forgotten
No one knows that
Everyone does
Only thing that lives on
Daily drama plays games
On your mind
And your soul
And your heart
And your love
The only other way for me to say
This is the way
Things are today

Can be broken
Stay inside your mind
Comes in many ways
Now people can take
You get it eventully
Can last live's long
But one thing that remains
Although has changed
Can not be taken away
So simple to say
That's how things are today

Friday, November 18, 2005

The little Bird

Flying in the clouds
I now can look down
Free from your steady grasp
Maybe, I can see
Prisoners and free men
Roaming, like the other
For you see the man who
Is in chains
Highly deranged
Although slightly changed

But there goes the buisness man smiling
Hugging his family
Just smiling
But there goes the prisnor
Stuck in his cell
Barely alive to say

Where does the time go when your flying?
Free as if nothing ever was there
As though I had never seen the sun before
I just rise up and go there

For it's time to be
Time to be free
Free as if there was nothing to die for
As if there wasn't a care

Why worry about tomarrow?
Who cares, I'll be alive there
And if I'm not
Why not live the moment

I'm just free from my chains

As the buisness man smiles
The prisnor looks up
And sees through a crack in his ceiling
Smiing but weeping
The last little bird leave the sky
Flying it's last time

As the bird falls through the crack in the ceiling
Smiling but weeping
He knows
Although the little bird may fly no more
It's soul may still roam

Friday, November 04, 2005

Pouring into my Soul

River, river
Watch it flow
Into the land
Of Unknown

Running clear
Into a land I have once feared

Into the cold
Into the dark
Into a mystery
Lurks my heart

Wonder and passion
Mourn and greif
Give emotions something
New to meet

Something is nothing
But nothing
Is not
For something is what I am; distraught

Going to something
I am
I know
Deeper and deeper
Into my soul

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Live to Love

Live to love
Love to wonder
Wonder to dream
Dream to fly
Fly to soar
Soar for me
Bring me the sun to see
See to hear
Hear to grow
Grow to live
And live to know
Know to love
Love to see
See the love that flies so free